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My Website!

2016-01-30 00:26:12 by RedmanComics

I have a huge announcement to make:
I'm now rocking a website for my comics and cartoons!
Additionally, I'm migrating towards the alias "Redman".
There's not a whole lot else that the site doesn't already explain, but it's worth mentioning that this site is going to make my DeviantART page unnecessary.
Check it out!

Update on Ricky!

2015-08-17 04:17:14 by RedmanComics

Ricky's Fantastic Advertisement is now available on YouTube!

New Flash!

2015-08-12 17:59:50 by RedmanComics

Here it is, the new flash! Bask in the glory of Ricky, the expert Musician, as he lays down the law with his legendary sounds, as demonstrated in his superb advertisement!

(Ricky is no longer under judgement! His music will bless newgrounds until the end of time.)

Sneak Peek!

2015-08-11 15:05:53 by RedmanComics

Here's a sneak peek from my upcoming flash! This is just oozing with context, isn't it?


Shroomz Update

2015-06-13 15:10:13 by RedmanComics

Shroomz is now available over on my YouTube channel!

Surprise Flash!

2015-06-06 13:51:38 by RedmanComics

Shroomz. This is a project that I pretty much threw out the window about two years ago. I decided to give it another go recently. It could be described as a strange tribute to one of my favorite games, Super Mario World!
I hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned!

(Shroomz is no longer under judgement, thanks for voting everyone!)

The status of my comics

2015-05-12 20:54:16 by RedmanComics

Incase you aren't following my twitter, and you'd like to know the current state of my comics, the first five issues of Bill and Bob are available on my Deviantart!
Check em out here:

Introducing...Bill and Bob: The Comic Series!
This will effectively be replacing Wasteland Chronicles. It doesn't mean A Byte of Life is going anywhere, though. Anyways, enjoy this first issue and stay tuned!

Quick Update!

2014-09-12 14:21:33 by RedmanComics

I got one of thems. Yes, a Tablet. The kind you can draw right onto. Technically it's a PC with Tablet capabilities, but you know. Shut up. 

I'm still in the process of migrating to it, it's a totally different experience. But, at the end of the day it should make my life a lot easier in regards to what I can get done and at what rate. 
(I mean, that's the plan anyways.) 


(Forgot to post this here, lol. Originally posted on my other places on June 19th, 2014)

For now anyways, I am discontinuing my fallout fancomic, Wasteland Chronicles. As not a lot of people seem to care about it and I didn't think it was going anywhere. I will be replacing it with a new original comic..which I haven't quite decided on yet..sometime soon. Stay tuned!